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Operating since 1994, The Vintage Record has been supplying record collectors with quality vinyl for decades.


Situated in the heart of the gritty Inner West, the ecclectic nature of the area feeds the store, with interesting collections coming in on a regular basis.


Frequent overseas buying trips also adds to the depth of stock. The shop is true “Bricks and Mortar” with no E Bay or internet sales to diminish the quality of stock instore. Everything we buy gets sold through the shop, a novel approach in the 21st century. 

Sell Us Your Records

We are always interested in buying your LPs, 78s, 7” singles/EPs, 10” singles/EPs, tour programs, books, merchandise… Basically anything associated with the record biz, we are interested in.

To give an accurate price we really need to view the collection. Phil is on the road every Monday during the day and most nights of the week evaluating collections and buying them.

If you have collections or specific items you would like to sell please use the contact button bellow. If you are interstate we can still make suitable arrangements.

So don’t go throwing those old LPs out because one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Thanks! We will be in contact shortly

Sell us your records
Record Cleaning

Clean Your Records

Considered the industry standard in record cleaning machines, The VPI 16.5 will revitalise your dirty LPs and extend the life of your stylus by removing all the dirt from the grooves of your precious LPs. This generally eliminates any pops due to residue in the grooves of the LP.


We clean all LPs on the machine prior to releasing them to the shop for sale.


ADDRESS: 31a Parammatta Road Annandale NSW 2039

TEL: +61 2 9550 4667  |

Where are we?
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